05 February 2013

3 Online Marketing Strategies You Need For 2013

I know you’re no fortune teller to answer with a yes or a no that’s full of conviction or any emotions at the least. In life, we can never be sure of what tomorrow can bring BUT we can always prepare well.

Will your business grow next year?

I know that most of business owners like you are still working to enhance your already effective scrolling LED sign for the Christmas season. With the busy Holidays ahead, have you taken the time to plan out your marketing strategy for next year?

Today, I’m letting you in on 3 of the most important online marketing components that should be in your marketing plan for 2013. Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and comments below for our fruitful discussion.

Social Media

In 2012, many brands went crazy over using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to name a few to boost their visibility online that drives sales. It’s been a great year for social media not only for businesses who are transferring their offline open sign over the internet but generally for everyone in most parts of the globe.

Today, social networking sites are not only websites where users update their profiles and share pictures or anything else like what we did back then with Friendster. They have transformed in micro social communities online where our current and prospective clients talk.

Being present in the major social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can provide your business with an advantage over your competitors if used and managed well. But keep in mind that the World Wide Web is like your scrolling LED sign on steroids with a particularly long memory. Anything good or bad that circulates online will be amplified accordingly making it potentially worse or better than it actually is.

Email List and Campaigns

To boost your email marketing campaigns, here are 3 effective tips that can truly drive results:

  1. Build your list from the ground up. Buying or renting email lists has been a common practice from years back. Though it might seem effective, nothing can beat producing a campaign that brings your intended results. The problem with renting or buying email addresses is that you are not sure whether they’re part of your target market which makes all the money you spent for the purchase an utter waste if you can’t anything out of it. Plan out a way on how you can entice your current and prospective customers to share their email addresses with you.

  1. Use email software. Have you been sending out email newsletters using your free Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook account? That’s like using an in store open sign that’s written on paper with a marker. It is somewhat unprofessional. There is a number of free email software for small volume sending like Mail Chimp. Make it a point to explore your options to get the most of what you’re putting in.

  1. Craft your message well. Take the time to create an appealing template for your email newsletter to make it look professional and clean just like your business. Another important thing that you should take note of the copy of your email message. Make sure that it’s written well, clear and easy to understand.

Email marketing is one stable medium when it comes to online marketing. It might even seem like an underdog with the entrance of social media and mobile applications in the game but it will remain a steady contender that can deliver your desired results.

Mobile Applications

With the rise of smartphones and tablets, any business can not afford to ignore the merits of mobile applications and how it can improve one’s business. Just like a highly interactive digital sign, mobile applications can do a number of things that provides convenience and tons of information about a brand, a product or a service.

In creating your mobile apps make sure to plan its functionality very well. The key is to integrate features that would be able to help your customers the most while representing your brand really well. Planning a mobile app might seem easy but take the time to build one that will deliver higher returns for your investments.

Which of the items above are in your marketing plan for 2013?

Feel free to share with me your thoughts, questions and marketing strategies for the year ahead. I’m absolutely sure that we can all learn a thing or two from them so keep those notes coming.


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