07 February 2013

3 Online Marketing Mistakes That Make Your Campaigns a Complete Flop

Do you have a company website?

Nowadays, asking this question might not be necessary – everyone just expects all businesses on the planet to be found in Google. Fair enough because most of them are. But does being online make a difference to your business?

If not then you should just go clean your scrolling LED sign and sweep the floor in your brick and mortar store. But kidding aside, I’d just like to let you know that you might be committing any one of these online marketing mistakes that I’ve listed below.

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Before you check out the list, I hope it’s not too much to ask to share your thoughts with me. I’ll be waiting for them in the comments below so keep them coming!

Online Marketing Mistake # 1 your offline marketing efforts are not integrated

In the past few years, I’ve seen countless online marketing campaigns that are so disconnected with what the brand is doing in their brick and mortar stores as their LED sign flashes to work on getting their business going. And I just think that it’s really sad mainly because it’s an utter waste of resources which includes time, money and effort.

Having your offline advertising and online marketing strategies seamlessly work together can simply put your marketing on steroids that works better. Keep in mind that there will always be a common ground where these efforts can meet and bring about bigger returns for your business.

One of the simplest ways to do so, especially if you’re just starting out with online marketing, is to share your offline efforts in online platforms. If you’re having a special Christmas sale in your coffee shop or retail store, let your patrons know by sending them special coupons through email or by inviting your followers and fans to join you with photo teasers. Sharing information about your store activities online is a great way to gain publicity for free.

Online Marketing Mistake # 2 your online presence is all over the place

Wasting your internet marketing efforts can easily come from trying everything out there without studying well which one works for you. Email marketing, search engine optimization, online advertising and social media marketing is not for everyone.

Just like in marketing products and services in your store, you have to find the right mix that will fit your industry, what you have to offer and your budget. Also, you have to make sure that your efforts online has a unifying factor. Most brands online use their websites as an online version of their shops that carry their virtual scrolling LED sign that keeps their clients and customers informed. Make sure to select one of your online properties whether it’s your website, Facebook or other online page to hold everything together.

Online Marketing Mistake # 3 your campaigns are inconsistent

To help your business keep a strong online personality, here are 3 simple and effective ways that you should follow:

  1. Always use your logo and brand colors

Unless your color scheme is rainbow, make it a point to stick with your colors to keep the brand identity intact. If it’s blue and orange, then have cover photos and background images in these colors to keep things consistent. Avoid using different colors for your website, Facebook and Twitter pages because doing so can easily mislead your patrons and harm your brand.

  1. Set a single editorial policy

This is very important to keep the style, tone and theme of your content in a straight line. Before starting any efforts online, make sure that you’ve set rules when it comes to the words, expressions, ideas and views that your online properties can project. It would be best to anchor this with the editorial policy that you use for any in store advertising sign that you might have.

  1. Share the same content in various platforms

Producing new and different content for each one of your online marketing efforts is time consuming. Not to mention costly if you intend to put out decent content on the World Wide Web.

To make your online marketing efforts as simple as lighting up a LED sign in your store then you should make it a habit to expose all of your contents in different websites. This would give them maximum exposure that can deliver more results.  

This is another online marketing mistake that both big and small brands online are committing everyday. Being inconsistent online can come from different sources. There are times when a business has different employees managing their online properties which results to different responses that blurs the branding and the image of the company.

Are you committing any of these mistakes?

Feel free to share with me your thoughts, comments, ideas as well as additional tips and tricks in the comments below. 

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