28 January 2013

Windows 8 Facebook Cover Photo Maker

Bored with your Facebook Cover Photo? Maybe its time to try this new Windows 8 theme cover photo. How?

You can make your own design that looks like Windows 8 start. Yes, as you can see below, it made of Facebook app. An app that lets you customize pictures to make it a Windows 8 start MetroUI

The pictures here are automatically selected by the app. And heres the problem, you can choose more than pics than the app is already selected. 

Hmmm..but maybe, i should try it again, just in case, it will displays more pictures of my photos, friends photos and pages.

Probably, yet coolest cover photo maker ive seen, want to try this now?

I rate it 3/5, sounds better. If i could only choose my favorite images.. hmmm.

So how can i put it in my timeline cover photo?
Once you already done with picking pictures and color theme, and you see an instructions.

Just go to your timeline, click change cover.

Then choose photos, then recent uploads. Choose that Windows 8.

Change your Cover Photo here: https://apps.facebook.com/mscoverphoto/


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