27 January 2013

Simple Conversion Image File to PDF File

 It is really my burden to put some images to pdf file format. Added to that it consumed more disk size on the drive. The thing is, i just wanna convert image file (JPG) to PDF format with less file size added on the converted form. How do you do that? Perhaps, you will use Adobe Acrobat, and it is a great choice!

However, there is slight problem.

Okay, why do i care to blog about it? Maybe in this crazy world, there is someone who has the same dilemma as me.

Why do you need to convert image to PDF file?
Good question. Why do i really convert it, when in fact, jpeg image files can be printed to papers. 
However, there are reasons why i did choose to convert it.
  • Easy to attach to emails (oh heck, image too)
  • It can be added some fields (user can input information). Now that is a cool feature.
  • Image, texts, and fields put in one file -- that is a PDF file.
  • Web friendly when accessing it (so it does with image).
  • Lastly, boss just love the file format.(and so do with I)
By the way, what's that slight problem ?

The problem is, granting you have an error in installing Acrobat, or i guess you never have it all (you know it is really expensive).

When i was having little problem about Acrobat, when i used Adobe Photoshop to convert to PDF files...it works pretty well but has a problem...it doubles the file size...

Let us say, i had an image file size of 10kb, when you convert it to PDF files using Photoshop..it will certainly increases to 100% file size. Though, it may be sound NO serious problem at all, well just imagine if you have 1000 files to convert? I hate to say this -- Condolence to your drive free space! :)

So the SOLUTION -- alternative to Acrobat

Acrobat is such a powerful program why? Because it will NOT just convert image to PDF file but it can do some cool features like:

  • OCR - Optical Character Recognition, as its name implies...it does text recognition on those PDF files. How? Imagine an image with text, and you want to copy those texts how? OCR is the right choice.
  • Fields - Though, it might less important to you..but in some establishments, this kind of feature, really help a lot. Say, you want just a TEMPLATE and then just input some details (name) and print it. Well it works pretty awesome.

However, Acrobat is expensive...if not, theres a problem in the system. 

So the alternative way is to use FREE, Simple, Light JPEG to PDF program.

JPEG to PDF v3.7 (82 KB)

It is a small tool to convert JPEG (now supports almost all image file type) to PDF.

With Photoshop, it doubles the filesize, here, it is almost the same file size as the image. Save space huh?


  • Adjustable Page Size Settings
  • Customize Output file destination
  • 3 Unit measures (inch, cm, mm)
  • Page Margins.
  • Image Position
  • Output type: Single or multiple.
  • Support most image file types.
  • Its FREE and FAST!
  • Works on Windows 2000/XP,2003 server/vista/7

Download: JPEG TO PDF v3.7

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