26 January 2013

Multi-Task Slows Productivity, New Study Shows

Are you a multi-tasker? I bet you are! If No, then you are safe --i doubt, however, if your answer is yes, then you may have a dangerous situation, according to a new study findings. 

Since we are almost do multi-tasked in our everyday lives especially on work, maybe it is time to read this study. In a blog post in LiveScience, Yahoo, it says that those people who do multitask almost all the time cannot boosts productivity and lowers performance.

Although, sometimes, multi-tasking helps other people to finish their multiple works. With this new study, it says, instead of boosting productivity, it is more lowered productivity because it is distracted at some different things.
Image Courtesy to kuwaitiful.com
Cant Focus on One Activity
The study shows based on performances in 275 undergraduate students, that those students who multitasked have slowed and lowered productivity because they cannot focus on one activity and turns out to be at worst in different things in which is partly true. 

Relates to me
In my case, however, i would really testify, being a multi-tasker reduced my productivity, i cannot focus on my main work but still doing other things because i really ought to do it. And when i get things work in my main work, i get distracted and i even forget about it.
Image taken from mycareerchoice.net
Multitask lead to dangerous situation
A researcher at the University of Kansas said that those person who engage multitasking can lead to risky and distracted at different things.

He even said that those who multi-tasks are less sensitive to risky situations.

And even in PC, if you do multi-task, it will slow and jerky and even consumed lots of electricity. :)

Now, are you still being a multi-task?


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