06 January 2013

Facebook Poop Smiley Icon

What action do you take if someone will annoy you in chat or in comment? Probably, you will scream, talk trash, and even unfriend or block them... But what if you will just comment some cool negative icon? Well, this is really interesting.. ***poop***

sample icon displayed
Facebook recently added negative interesting cool brown poop smiley icon(named as POO - like shitpoops) that can be used in the comment and chat. Why does Facebook created this icon? I think to counteract negative comments to some annoying people maybe to use sarcastic poop too. With this, it might be better to put something like this poop icon to some people who really bit annoying. But sometimes, it can be annoying in the comments, seeing abused icon made me feel sick. Anyways, 

How to add poop in the comment and chat?
use ->
And you can display icon in the comment and chat.

Not only a new icon but it has also a unique random facebook status


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