16 January 2013

Arrange Your Desktop - Like A Boss With Stardock Fences!

Some say "Boys have an organized desktop than girls". For girls, do you agree with this quote? Of course, you are very an organize type, you will prove me wrong. As for me, it will be a lil bit bias and its is true at some point. Because, SOME girls dont really care about their desktop icons...probably lazy enough to rearrange the icons in their desktop. Well, if you are looking a cool software that will help your desktop style problem, maybe it will help you this.

As you can say, i am little bias but honestly, i am not very keen to arrange my own desktop icons, like ive said, LAZY enough. But today, i realized it would be better if i have an organize desktop. Well, it doesnt take much necessary important to do such, oh wait, it reflects your personality too.

Thus, if you have organize desktop certainly in real person as you..you are very ORGANIZE. That is why i have to rearrange my desktop. Now, i will share to you one of the best desktop organizer in your PC/NETBOOK/Laptop.
Well, as you can see, i have my screenshot that displays my own desktop...I Should say, at least, it is organize.

Stardock: Fences for Windows
Allow me to share with you this amazing and popular tool on net. Introducing Stardock Fences ,  it is just similar with the normal fences wherein it prevents any person to across a boundary. With that you would probably had an idea is to what it does.

Fences is a tool and oh yes, it is one of the worlds most popular desktop tool to organize and enhance for Windows system. A program that lets you arrange and organize your desktop. From messy icons to clean desktop icons. Just imagine how organize and clean you are and according to studies, it will surely help you doing better in your work. That's a great news then!

Why named to "FENCES"?
Fences mean a thing that prevent anyone to across. Here, it is to place the desktop icons to a MOVEABLE group of shaded boxes/rectangles called "fences". Developer here has a sense of humor. aw

Features of Fences

  • Organize icons.
  • Enhance style desktop
  • Control icons
  • Automatic arrangement on icons
  • Desktop Portals.
  • Now available in Windows 8

System Requirements
  • Windows XP 32 bit only
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
Fences is a FREEMIUM which means you can free to use it and you need to buy premium features.

Download here: Stardock Fences.

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