29 January 2013

Windows 8 Layout Strong Resemblance to AOL(1996) ?

Windows 8 is the new Operating System from Microsoft. It has a metroUI design and it makes so unique from its previous OS. But where this layout inspired came from? What would you say if the Windows 8 layout came from the old website of AOL ?

If you are using Windows 8 now, you probably notice that it does not have the old start button that you are very familiar with in the Windows Vista or Windows 7.

(i only tested Windows 8 to other system, but had no actual OS)

Okay, the MetroUI is very useful on touch surfaces like TouchScreen Smartphone but how about using keyboard and mouse? Now, theres a little bit problem. Of course, at first, you are not comfortable with the new interface and it has no Start Button.

The metroUI however has the strong resemblance of the old kids site of AOL (1996 kids only). As you can see above image, you will notice something very close on both two:the colors, icons and texts. Though, Windows 8 has a very simple design than AOL, i will just leave my thoughts here.

Now, what can you say about this?


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