20 January 2013

Finally, I Have My Own Domain! Why, How, What?Well, Does Not Matter.

For almost 4 years of rendering online services, with that some little earnings. Finally, I bought TLD(Top Level Domain). Which means? Yes, you don't care, and I didn't expect it to buy such domain, but the thing is. TLD is much juicier than any just subdomains. Why?

It is not really my plan to buy this domain, because, at the very first, I really wanted to put this Blog ( mabzicle.blogspot.com ) to a NEW domain, well, that is, mabzicle.com. But things doesn't get fit. Instead, I bought Amabzing.info. (Primarily for interesting, fresh, funny, and astonishing facts.)

Unfortunate it might. Still, I hope for the best. And I didn't regret buying it because it was just $3.99.

Why I didn't buy mabzicle.com?

Surprisingly, I never thought that .com (also .org .net) will cost $10.69/yr because in the homepage of Namecheap(where I purchased the domain) it says, $3.99 only. But when I search for that .com TLD, it was $10.69, and my fund was only $7(and I got it from my PayPal account earnings).

So I choose and buy the .info as an experiment. And oh yes, it is LIMITED EDITION!

I got my $7(pretty small and I got it for many months, maybe a year? Nah...) from a pay-per-click website like Neobux(oh bad news, I got banned tsk), but hopeful to cash out here in Clixsense. 

You can visit here: Earn Money in Clixsense

Then, I also earned in shortening of links. Which I used Adf.ly to get and make money for it.

See related post: How to earn money in Adf.ly?

Now, I am thankful because without the domain, I never know some Domain terms, and with that blog ( amabzing.info ). I am jubilant working for it.


I used and converted blogger comment to Disqus comment platform, and good news! It can sync to blogger platform.

Now the good part!

Buy Domain in Namecheap

Namecheap: For a $3.99 + Whois guard protection

Domain Registrations starting at $9.98*

You can register here: Namecheap Registration

Why I chose to buy a domain in Namecheap? Well, there's 2 main reasons: one point is, it is cheap, as its name implies, of course. Second, they are not strict in the FUND, I mean, for some website like GoDaddy who offer the same service as Namecheap. It doesn't need to verify PayPal account, and that's why I actually chose Namecheap because, now, I didn't have a verified account and I am too lazy to register a bank account and sync with it. Maybe in Future...

Future Domains and plans

Since I really want to have a .com, I will wait for my earnings in Infolinks. Which is $50 and can be sent to my Paypal. With this earning, I can now buy 2 domains, primarily of course, with my primary 2 earning blogs.

  • http://android-mobile-apps.blogspot.com
  • http://mabzicle.blogspot.com
Earn more with this online services: More Services To Earn

Now, if you want to buy a domain and just redirect your blog, you can register and use Namecheap! ;)

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