05 November 2017

Why Moon Landing Is Not a Fake?

In years of my existence, I never thought I  learned a great argument, the Moon Landing was 'really'  FAKE, and allegedly was manipulated by NASA to fool us that moon landing has never existed in the first place. A lot of conspiracies sprouted on Youtube and cause a confusion! 

Today, it might change your perspective about Moon Landing Hoax.

It is started with some elements of Apollo programs were manipulated and staged by NASA allegedly. And some individuals made a HUGE CLAIM that 12 Apollo Astronauts REALLY didn't walk on the Moon in the mid-1970s.

Image was taken on YouTube

With that, it turned out to be the Moon Landing is one of the conspiracy theories in the history of mankind. And it made a public interest for individual interest I guessed. 

But, you might have a slight headache thinking about it but who cares?

FOX Broadcasting company states: NASA Fake

The major television network, FOX broadcasted a documentary about the conspiracy theory where it stated that NASA faked the first moon landing in 1969 just to win in Space Race (well, race with Soviet Union or Russia)

Why is it MOON Landing is NOT really Fake?

I have watched this video and I tell you, it is simple and brilliant reasons to counterpart the FOX's NASA faking Moon Landing.

Watch it here

In the video, at 13:09 minutes, it arguably showed all reasonable pieces of evidence and proofs incredibly that you might believe that NASA moon landing is really TRUE.

The messages were solid and it would tell us that at that time, FAKE or MANIPULATION is one type of error — technologically DIFFICULTY!

The simple reason here is that: Technology is not born yet at the time to fake it! The video shows MORE arguments about PHYSICS, MOVIE, Photography, and Perceptive which essentially tell someone that faking a moon landing is not possible at those times.

You can watched and FEEL Free to believe your mind to what you want to accept. :)

Source: Youtube


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