26 January 2013

Increase Traffic, Gain More Visitor Using Reddit

Recently, i bought my first domain and i never thought i bought it in the 1st place... but later, i realized it is worthy. That Website  rather made me enjoy, and it tackles mostly on interesting, cool, and funny facts.

And if you are wondering why i used amabzing instead of amazing because i really was called and known to be 'Mabz'. So that was a kind bit history. Anyways, lets go back to the right track.

How can i increase traffic using reddit?

If you are new to blogging, it is really hard to get visitors, traffics, and ranks. But the good things here, there were many websites that will give you more traffics such as PTC sites, traffic generating websites and advertising websites.

As a newbie however, you need to focus on traffics...well for me i got rankings and traffics because of this quality websites. And it is part of SEO strategy to boost visibility and gain visitors. 

Reddit: Traffic Booster
If you want to visit and try free traffic generating sites you can visit here. 

And today, you can use Reddit to boost traffics on your blog, in my post with my new domain about Abraham Lincoln & John F Kennedy , i smiled when i saw many people shared especially on reddit. See below screenshot.

Just register here, and you can submit your link and be sure it has a catchy phrase or else you will get less visitors.

Why reddit?
Reddit is a high ranking website, it has notably alexa ranking of 135(lots of traffic) and page rank of 8. Sounds though huh? And last august 2012, it reached to a billion pageviews! Just imagine how many potential visitors there.

What is reddit?
reddit can be noun or verb. It is a social news networking site ( compete with digg.com but reddit gained more eyesight and reputation) that a users can post/submit a link particularly news content.

redd·it, redd·it·ing; see redditor, subreddit

noun - a type of online community where users vote on content
verb -to take part in a reddit community.

And with my blog posted about coincidence , it became top 10 and it has 178 sharethis shared. Upon seeing this, i am really happy. Happy because i had my new domain last week and i gained such visitors.


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