27 January 2013

HOW TO: Tag People, Pages, and Groups in Facebook?

This may be sound dumb and stupid. But you know, as quotes goes, It’s better to ask questions than to know all the answers. Sorry need to ask something here. Just one...Well it is not really serious and important. 

Now, how to tag friend's name, pages, and group? No no no, you're laughing at me. Yeah i'm 'that' stupid. Oh wait! At least i am being helpful to some probably. :P

Perhaps, you already know this, however, somewhere out there... there are still some who look for answers on how to achieve this.

Tag - Powerful Feature
Tag...a price tag? No, its Tag in Facebook, TAG is a powerful feature that Facebook has. It is a special link in which it has the ability to identify and set it to a reference in a status, pages, comments, notes, videos, and photos.

Result when i used @3 to create a link.


Tags will give your friends the knowledge on what exactly you are talking about. And last September 11, 2009 at 4:01am in their blog, Facebook officially added Tag, as one of the features and to use millions of users out there.

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How to write status update with special link?

Just type @ symbol before and it will suggests you some pages, friends' name, and group that you have the connections.

Once you add this TAG, the symbol @ will not be displayed and your friends/pages/admins will be notified that they were mentioned in your status. Also, it will be added to their TIMELINES.

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Lastly, when someone tagging with your photos and posts from the people you aren't friends it will appear in your timeline review, where of course, choose if you want to allow it or not.

Now, if you will notice, you can use + symbol too in tagging. See below screenshot.

So happy tagging.. :)) hope it will give some fun trivia... oh, dumb and stupid, i guess.. :D :D

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