23 January 2013

How Mars Rover 'Curiosity' Got Its Name?

While the curiosity of human beings are beyond and high, scientists and engineers really investigate the neighboring planet - yes, the Red Planet: Mars whether life could exist there.

And NASA's one of the most ambitious mission is to explore mars with the help of robotic spacecraft rover named Curiosity.

How NASA got that Curiosity named-rover?

NASA's Space Science Laboratory Mission rover spacecraft called 'Rover Curiosity' was successfully landed on Mars on August 05, 2012 - 10:30PM PDT.

In 8 years of making and improving, Curiosity WAS the most advanced rover.
  •  It has 17 cameras, landing systems, and handful instruments. 
  •  Size of a Car
  • Weighs 1,982 pounds.

How did NASA get the name Curiosity by the way?

Maybe all inventions, events, and gadgets have their own origins. Even with own child and pets have names And most of it came from accidents while other got on some weird, strange, contests etc. While this is true at some point however, but here the Rover named Curiosity has unique origin.

mage credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Rover Curiosity got its name by a SIXTH grader WHO won an ESSAY Contest that beat 9,000 other participants -- student Clara Ma named next Mars Rover -- Curiosity.

Source: Curiosity Named Rover

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