10 January 2013

Free Cokes For the Hugs Exchange - "HUG ME" Coca Cola Machine

Hug is one of the best ways to comfort someone's grief or sadness. It is a sign of support, comfort and relief.   Luckily, hugging someone will make the body releases a so-called Oxytocin (sometimes called "Love Hormone"). Oxytocin is a powerful hormone. It acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. When two person hug the oxytocin level will rises up. However, at National University of Singapore - when you hug with your wide arms around the machine, you will have a free bottle of coke.

It is really TRUE that a certain emotion like LOVE and COMFORT cannot buy with money, and yes, by just hugging a vending machine you give you a FREE coke.

Image Courtesy of dadarkroom.com
At National University of Singapore, a new Coca Cola so-replaced-words "HUG ME" instead vending machine installed to give a FREE bottle of Coke whenever a person hugs around the machine. Yes, and its inviting words written instead of COCA COLA will surely tempted you to hug a machine instead a person you have loved or liked.

This is yet its marketing tagline "OPEN HAPPINESS" that resulted to this new LOVE note "HUG ME".


The idea is really amazingly great! And it would really FUN to try this kind of experience. Well, if you are depressed and stressed, maybe ready-up hugging the vending machine will make you FREE better and your body would releases oxytocin hormones!

Image from gawker.com
Well, the Love Month is near! Free Feel of the HUG ME machine. But the sad part is that, it is in SINGAPORE yet. How i wish i am one of the smiling face person to try this! And hoping that the Coca Cola will install such HUG ME Vending machine.

Whether you are in relationship or single, it is amazing to hug someone you really cared. Open Happiness!

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