31 January 2013

BlackBerry's New OS - BlackBerry 10

Will BlackBerry be part now of the most anticipating smartphone race with Nokia( Windows 8 OS), Samsung(Android), Iphone(iOS)? Introducing the newest OS of BlackBerry - BlackBerry 10. You have guessed, BlackBerry Smartphones are mostly used by managers and CEOs out there. 

BlackBerry 10 is a new smartphone OS based on QNX. From reports from other sources, this OS, is very responsive.

  • Peek and Glance - that BB10 flow uses it, to actively fast with apps. Peek and Glance because in BB10 devices there are no BACK and HOME buttons that is why you need to peek at the notifications or Glance at the recent apps used.
  • New on-screen keyboard (Swipe back to delete a down, Swiping letter autocompleted it).
  • Video calling with ScreenSharing.
z10 smartphone  - Image taken from extremetech.com
BB10 works in these new smartphone devices, Z10 and Q10 smartphones.

Read more here: BB Unveils Z10 and q10

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