07 January 2013

AMOLED Display: See-Through Display Concept

If you watched some sci-fi technology movies, i'm sure you will gonna love this concept. The concept here is that you will experience a transparency (see-through display) way back from LCD to LED and now OLED display, now in future, you will have these gadgets.

Today, most display technology uses in mobile devices and televisions called AMOLED ( active-matrix organic light-emitting diode ). An OLED is a thin film display technology that uses organic compound electroluminescent material.

The concept is a see-through AMOLED feature display (Resolution: 960 x 540). A transparency optics of the screen display that display 40% of the see-through feature.

Well, this might be cool feature in the future but sometimes it has many disadvantages too but the thing is. The important to note is that we are evolving to its New Technology.

Not practical to view some videos here but it would be nice to put an option to choose the transparency settings.

Source: Interesting Engineering


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