01 January 2013

2012: Year End Special

Are you ready to say good bye to year 2012 and a warm welcome hello to 2013? Today, i will put  my year end review with this probably my prosperous year! Now, i have put all my cool experiences for this year 2012. How's your year 2012 expect for the world ends? What do you expect for the 2013?

Before year 2012 ends, i would like to take this post as an opportunity to specially thanks to those people who really help me. Not only with them, i would like also to thank some companies and services who help me learn something and at the same time earn money for me.

Perhaps, the prosperous year of my existence! Thank God! 
Chancellor 9000 Model :)
Thank You Message: Poster
I personally thank that in my existence i am happy to know that there were people who looked really like me mostly and with that, i am thankful to my friend for taking picture of the model poster displayed in Chancellor 9000 . My friend Geebee tagged me with this poster that really looked like me. At first, i really didnt noticed the similarities but later on, i really admitted that i have resemblance with this model. Anyways, i am curious till now who the heck is this person. But thanks to him, i have the potential to be a model at least in my small part of lifetime i experienced to be a model. Hope so.
Google Doodle Year End Special

Google Doodle has a poster of some drawings that have great signification in the year 2012. One thing to note, is the Abraham Lincoln with the vampire...so it merely meant it was a movie after all. geez.. some of the designs really gave me headaches..oh by the way, the London Olympics 2012 which had a soccer player. And i don't know some of them.

In terms of career, i really thanked that i am able to join in a Government agencies and i shared all my learning with my IT course. And at the same time, i was able to learn more great things about my work. Additionally, i am able to pass the examination in Civil Service. Career Service Examination Passer

Then in my hobby in blogging, really had a good results in year 2012. Primarily because i gained more visitors and i ranked up to Alexa traffic rank but sadly to say i ranked down in Google Page Rank. But the overall assessment is that, i am able to cash out for 3 times in 2012. Wow! I would really really thank my readers and visitors because without them i am not able to reach this stage.

People who love and hurt me

Personally, i would like to thank also to those people who shattered my feelings, turned upside down my world, and sliced into pieces which sometimes lead to me to become weak and hopeless. But, that is not the case, because i rise up and fight again. I am inspired to do a so called sweet revenge and put all my goals in a pile(which i got though it might be a small goal but i am happy). Whoever you are, thank you! You broke me once, now i am better and stronger. Well, thats enough with nonsense personal issues.

What are my expectations in the year 2013?
I really do have expectation but i would say it is a goal.. Therefore, i would work for it so that i am able to say that 2013 is better than 2012.


  • Stable Work
  • Personal stuff(house and lot probably? HAHA, 4 wheel car)
  • Blogging Success
  • Business Strategy and Campaign
  • Better health with my Family, Relatives, Friends and Love ones.
  • Personal Knowledge and health too.
You!? what are your goals in life in this 2013?


To my family, relatives, friends, and love ones, i would really say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I really wish a grateful year for 2013. Future holds to those who are brave! And in what you will do to the presents would really indicate the future if it is bad or good. There are so much to say but i do really thank God of all this blessings He gave me! The life of me is not easy, i am predictable, random and easily upset but they still accepted me as i am.. and i really appreciate to know that  they love, care, and support me 100%.

Other happenings in 2012

Happy New Year to all of you! I really hope you do have a blessed year and in the next years...thank you so much my avid readers.. :)


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