02 December 2012

Typhoon BOPHA: PAGASA Locally Named "PABLO"

"December, please be Good to me". As someone would put in their wall status. It doesnt mean that December is all a whole bad month but there are some events that cannot be forgotten and cause damages to every life. Some friends ignore, some would laugh, and some worry. 

But if you were one of those victims in the Typhoon Washi or locally named as "SENDONG" that hit last year 2011, i would say then, you will pray for the safety of your family. Now, theres a weather disturbance that is STRONGER than Sendong.

Brace yourselves! International Typhoon Named "BOPHA" is a weather disturbance and currently powerful late-season storm. And is approaching and threatening the Philippines especially on Northern Mindanao (forecast to be in PAR on December 04,2012) and potentially stronger than Sendong or International named WASHI that last year it left people dead and destroyed properties.

Pablo VS Sendong
PAGASA locally named BOPHA as Typhoon PABLO if it will enter in the Philippine Area of Responsibility(PAR). Pablo is potentially Stronger than Sendong in terms of rainfall and wind strength. It should be noted that last year Tropical Storm Sendong damaged the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan and left more 1000+ people dead and damaged agriculture and property worth billion particularly on December 16 and 17 2011.

According to the PAGASA, Bopha has a maximum of 165kph winds and 200kph gustiness. It has 400-500 kilometers in diameter while Sendong about 600 kilometers but this was forecast last Saturday. It is forecast that it will hit PAR on December 4 2012 at 5 PM particularly in Surigao as the image shown above.

With these, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) is preparing for the solution on the possible effects of the Typhoon Pablo.

MalacaƱang Palace assured enough preparations to avoid on the last year's tropical storm Sendong. And it is a MUST also with the civilians to do their PART to the safety and security.
December 03 2012
Forecast: December 03, 2012

In Cagayan de Oro City, the officials prepare rescue vehicles and equipments.

Image Courtesy: ANC 24/7

Now, December please be good to me! We were partly flooded on our area and it damaged little but unlike with my friends it was awful. I just hope and pray it will not repeat those nasty events -.-

On the lighter side, are you ready for the storm Pablo?
Be ready they said..Prevention is better than Cure...as the quotes goes on....

Filipinos despite of the problems still manage to take a positive side of the problems. They see not a real problem but it has to be laughed on those problems.

In every obstacles, Filipinos doesnt miss the chance to take smile of the event.

Foreigners enjoyed the flood in the Philippines. Its more FUN huh?
The activities on floods: the lighter side
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