21 December 2012

Redeem GCASH Using Reward Points

I got this message from MyRewards MyGlobe: You can now redeem GCASH using your rewards points! Text GCASH to 4438 for free info.  So it simply means that i can get a cash tru GCASH by just using my reward points. How to redeem GCASH?

I guess i would say, you dont even care about your rewards. I mean, you dont always update how much is your points are. Basically, some of you might use it for subscribing unlimited text and/or call. Either way, rewards MUST be important somehow.

One time, i really thought it would be nicer if I can redeem a CASH in my hands than using it to some promos. Good thing, it has some gadgets and i am eager to LOAD regularly to increase my points but today, it was a great bit of surprise to see that it could get a CASH tru GCASH.

Now, Globe lets you Redeem GCASH using your rewards point. And YES, it would be nice to some, i hope.

How to Redeem GCASH using Reward Points?
To redeem it, you need to text 
  • REDEEM and send to 4438.
Very easy right? However there are only 2 item codes to choose from.

2 Item codes to choose
  • GCASH500 for 845 points
  • GCASH1000 for 1690 points
When finished sending it, it will prompted to register to 4438 and GCASH (via *143#).
Note: GCASH will be credited to your mobile in the next day after redemption.

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