29 December 2012

HOW TO: Fix MUP.Sys Hang Issue on Rebooting?

Probably, you feel little upset right now (oh wait i feel you, in fact, i have the same feeling as yours). And i supposed you want some answers to finally fix this annoying issue as soon as possible - i guessed for your work perhaps? But whatever might it be, you visited here in the hope for the solutions. 

In order to fully understand and fix this kind of error, we should take extra information about it.

What is MUP.SYS?
MUP.sys is a Windows system driver file. Driver is a small application wherein it serves as a bridge to your system(PC, Laptop, Netbook etc) to communicate with hardware devices. It acts directly to OS software and Hardware.

In addition, drivers are very important because without it the system or program will not work properly. For example, if you lack to install driver in your sound driver, you certainly dont hear any sounds.

MUP.SYS, known as or short for, Multiple UNC Provider Driver (Built-in process of Microsoft Windows Operating System), which in turn determines the network client protocol to the target server that the UNC specified in path. And in some forums, they said, mup.sys was the last driver to test by the system and if hangs on reboot it should be in the next driver to it.

Symptoms of the MUP.sys error
There are some symptoms here, but at least depending on some issues had been raised. But these are common ones.
  • In NORMAL booting with OS(XP), it display disk check window and if you cancel it, it will appear black screen and no signal coming from the monitor, and if you do checking until 100% it is still will appear black screen. (in my case, it is really do such things but with some added problem, a color stripe in the monitor specifically a pink one).
  • Booting it with SAFE mode, it will hang or stuck on the last line which displays the last driver - mup.sys.
If you experienced like these kind of symptoms, then maybe it help you with this troubleshooting.

Some reasons for this error to occur and in Windows XP or other OS it will hang at the boot. But more commonly on HARDWARE.
  1. Video Card failure (might had a problem with the hardware)
  2. Hard disk error (also it might be corrupted)
  3. RAM memory (seldom)
  4. New hardware added does not properly installed or is it faulty (as No. 1 and 2).
  5. Power Supply issues (the output had decreased the expected amount of power).
  6. The motherboard itself has a error issues(faulty chips, or conflict with the drivers)
So how do we fix the error?

How to FIX and troubleshoot the system hang on reboot ?
I probably guessed that you skip some information and instead you directly read this lines. These procedures might help the issue, but first, we should troubleshoot and check whether there is really a faulty hardware. To troubleshoot, we must:
  • First unplugged USB devices, like USB modem, Keyboard, and Mouse... if it will boot, there must be something problem on those USB devices mentioned. 
  • Get one device and test, like for me, i remove video card expansion and whoah! it really works preetty well. Thus, that video card had really serious problem with its chip.
  • Remove the RAM or if not the hard disk... if it is still has a problem then maybe your motherboard if faulty.
  • Or you might try to check disk it, using Windows Recovery Console, using chkdsk utility.
If serious symptoms persist contact technician or you might try to buy new one. Actually, in my case, i predetermined the error coming from the video card because it has a pink striped in the monitor. If you have still problems, feel free to comment attached maybe a image or a complete info.


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