10 December 2012

Google Featured Ada Lovelace's 197th Birthday

When was the last time, you have seen Google Doodle? Its quite few days or weeks now since Google had to feature a person in their homepage. But right now, at this day, December 10, 2012, Google tribute the world's First Computer Programmer.

You cant blame Google for featuring, Ada Lovelace who was born December 10, 1815. Her real name was Augusta Ada King, Countess of Love (Augusta Ada Byron). Google Doodle for featuring ADA's 197th Birthday.
Ada Lovelace is an English Mathematician and known to be working on Charles Baggage's early general purpose computer called Analytical Engine.

Analytical Engine was recognized as the first algorithm to process by a machine. Which then made her to be the first computer programmer in the world.

With her fame and title, the US Department of Defense(DoD) created a computer language ADA(named after Ada Lovelace) and Department of Defense Military Standard for the language was MIL-STD-1815 (number of ADA's birth year).

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ada_Lovelace

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