23 December 2012

Google AdSense: A 4th Cashout Gift For Me

One thing to note: The world is not ending, yet, the year 2012 nearly ends but not with rumors about Apocalypse -- Ending the our planet December 21, 2012 as predicted if Gangnam Style reached 1 Billion. Are you scared? Well, enough with the ENDING thingy, the good news is that we will start in Christmas Holiday.

How many days to go before x'mas? It seems that this year is a Better one to me -- with great news and blessings -- despite of some difficulties that i have encountered and experienced but the bottom line here is that LIFE must really GO ON and be THANKFUL!

I am pretty blessed this year and i really hope you are too but i guess i wont need to ask it. Why not start blogging now and earn extra income just like me? You know, it has been 3 years now since i registered this blog (though i frequently posted updates year 2011 and i earned extra cash for it).

If you want to start to blog, maybe it could help you a lot with my post here.
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.When I said, i am blessed, this is because of:

  • Got good work job
  • A happy family
  • Good Friends
  • 4th Cashout with Adsense
  • Passed CSE Professional
  • and....i forgot since i cant count on it.. ^_^
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Be a Positive Thinker
Last month, i really pushed hard to achieve my little goal about the earnings. Like i wanted to cash out in December(wow this month, a great news), and it surprisingly came TRUE! I was once a negative thinker, and i always thought of the negative outcomes but now, thankfully, it minimizes that thought and start to follow the principle: Law of Attraction and be a Positive Thinker no matter what. Geez, i MUST celebrate for this.

Start Blog: And tell your own story too
Now, why would I really patiently and persistently telling and persuading you to start blogging now? Well, one thing, is not all about Money, it is all more about Readership, Diaries, or a problem-solver. Sometimes, it is really lazy and tired to blog. And i really meant it and you can notice it in my archive -- the number of posts in a month --yes i seldom do post blog because i lack some inspiration to start but it is normal. On the other hand, the best part and good news is that when i want to share good news and opportunity, i really give time and extra effort to write about it though it is not well written(i hope i am a FULL-Certified article writer or journalist -- but it is not bad to study writing and improve writing skills and i must say i really do have grammar errors and i don't usually reexamine or proofread it (opps grammar nazis here) still the most important here is i am happy and continue learning new things. And thats all matter for now. ^_^
So now, are you ready to blog?

Adsense 4th Cashout Gift
It has been 2 months ago since i got my 3rd cashout with Adsense with that earnings i bought Samsung Pocket and started to write about android apps (Visit: Android Mobile Apps). And now, my latest, 4th cashout with Adsense(I really wanted to buy personal stuffs like shoes, pants, and polos here, that is really why, i am eager to pursue my goals(personal stuffs) to achieve. And yes, Thank God, i got a simple Google Adsense Gift. 

Usually payment issues will be processed 20 days or more after you will get a total earnings amounted at least $100. Because in my part, i got a $100 in November and a 20 days of processing. The payment date scheduled December 20, 2012 but i cash out it in Western Union Quick cash December 22, 2012 (+8 TZ).

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Now, do you want to earn also in Google Adsense? Well, in my blog post here, i really encourage you to start blog not for the money. Though, there are many factors in blogging industries for starters/beginners you should start posting your own story that you really want to share.

Bought Sperry Top-sider shoes with my earnings

If you want to know more about blogging, you may visit this blog post: Blogging: A First Step to Success To Earn Extra Income.

Today, i am really thankful. Thank God for the wonderful gifts. To my family, friends, workmates, and batch mates thank you so much.

"Build Excellence, and Success will chase you" ~ 3 idiots, movie

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