22 December 2012

Facebook Unique Status Display

Have you ever noticed something in your Facebook update status? Or am i only experienced the changing status display? Ive checked my browser if there are some extensions/plugins installed. But theres NEW Installed apps there. And as far as i remember, i never install any. But either way, here's what ive noticed and i posted some screenshot to various text displays.

Facebook's display update status text widely known to be "What's on your mind?" has been used in some cheesylines and you could really tell it is Facebook if you use that phrase(Whats on your mind?). But today, as i observed -- and a little bit confused to note the changes in Update Status yet I still continue to put it a blog post.
To remind me as well, i screenshot it and uploaded here.

These are some of the Update Status

  •  How are you feeling?

  •  How's it going?

  •  What's going on?

  • What's happening?

  • What's on your mind?
These are some of my screenshots and it might be Facebook has many displays text that ive not been seen. But as to what i have posted, i guess you might just ignore it and you still status whatever you wanted to post.

DO YOU Notice it in your Facebook too?


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