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[Solved] HOW TO: Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter on Epson L100 Printers?

Almost all establishments have to print documents for the purpose of documentary, stored files, references, letter processes, and reports. Though some companies use a different kind of high-end printers, there are some who use old printer models.
In my last post about Epson T13 Waste Ink Pad Counter Resetter, I have screenshots on HOW TO do resetting the counters. Here, it is almost the same with the EPSON L100 Model. To begin with, let me add some details about it.


There is one point that we really need to head clean the printer and cleaning it for several times made the printer displayed a notification that it needs to be resetted because it reached the END of service life.

In my part, i got spilled with inks with the EPSON L100 and i don't know why. Here, i have a little bit information because when it displayed a error message the printer detected some dumped absorbent pads with full of waste ink. That's made me able to conclude that cleaning the printer may not be 100% BETTER solution at least you give a try right? And so with ME. 

Steps on HOW TO Reset Waste INK PAD Counter on EPSON L100 Model
This software is just for L100 model but in my case, I use Epson T13 Resetter Software, and it worked perfectly.

1.  Download FREE Software here: Epson L100 Resetter Software or here: Click here(password:  ekohasan)
2. Open and RUN(you can RUN it as ADMINISTRATOR if you are using VISTA/WINDOWS 7) Adjprog .exe
3. When you see EPSON Adjustment Program, click on Particular Adjustment Mode
 4. Select and double click to RUN the WASTE INK PAD COUNTER window.

You can reset the following models:

  • Epson L110
  • Epson L210
  • Epson L300
  • Epson L355

5. In the waste ink pad counter:

NOTE : You have to replace waste ink pad if you initialize the protection counter.
  • 1) Click [Check] button to check current protection counter's value.
  • 2) Replace waste ink pad with new one.
  • 3) Click [Initialization] to reset current protection counter to the initial value.

6. Enjoy cleaning again and continue Printing!!!!^_^
Points of View about the printer, since L100 is better than T13(Improvised) and all CHEAP, I would recommend NOT to use any INKJET printers because here you see, i usually do troubleshooting, and it makes me do a lot of work and time. 

Whereas on those cartridge printers it seldom has problems, but it is expensive, though. The cost and benefit would rather show that cartridge would have the higher benefits than ink printers.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own the software, and it is up to you if you want to try to use it. I DO NOT have any reliable in case of any damages cause by this software. It is your SOLE responsible when using it. However, base on my usage it works perfectly.

Once again download here:   
Download FREE Software here: 
Password: ekohasan


You can reset the following printer models:
  • Epson L110
  • Epson L210
  • Epson L300
  • Epson L355

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  2. This is great. Can i use this printer for printing my plastic business cards?

  3. when i extracted the file it requires a password... may i know the password?

  4. Thanks for sharing this useful procedure. I don't have much knowledge about printers, i think your procedure will help me in resetting waste ink counter pads.
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