22 December 2012

HOW TO: Capture Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300

Have you ever wonder on how to capture certain screen in your Samsung pocket mobile? If you are using 3rd party application, then it would be a good one. But what if you don't have any? How would you take screenshot without even using 3rd party application?

There are times that we really do take a screenshot for a reasons(maybe to cherish storing the message from love ones, take screenshot on how TOs, or just to capture home wallpaper). And it that moment, we failed to do because in the first place we really didnt know on how to take screens(for normal user).

By here then, as one of those normal users: I put steps here to share to you on how to capture.
How to Capture Screenshot in your Samsung Galaxy Pocket?
Capturing screenshot has 2 methods here.

1. Using with 3rd Party Application
I used Screen Capture Shortcut Free it works like charm.

2. Without Using with the 3rd Party Application
Here are the steps
  • 1. Just go where you want to capture the screen
  • 2. Press & hold home button and then quickly press power button
  • 3. You will notice camera sound and notification appears, it means a SUCCESS.
If you are wondering where to browse the said captured/screenshot, the screenshot filed save in SDCARD/SCREENSHOT directory.

If nothing happen, just do and follow step 2. If you dont know where the home and power is, see above image for reference.

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