15 December 2012

Philippines: Civil Service Career Exam Passer October 21 2012 Test

I took the CS Exam last October 21, 2012, morning and it was 3 hours of suffering - draining mind's capable of retrieving data that was long past inputted or forgotten,  well at least I'm a HUMAN, and I ca n't remember those lessons/information way back when I was in school learning..So whats's the result of the exam?

Philippine Civil Service Commission (CSC), one of the mandates, is to conduct a Career Examination for both Sub-Professional and Professional in 2 different tests: Paper-and-Pencil and Computer Assisted Test (CSE-CAT) twice every year and usually take on certain months: May and October.
Why take CS test and be a passer of CS Examinations?
A passer of CS Examinations particularly a CS-Professional (ELIGIBLE ONE) gives a higher chance to enter as a worker in the Government establishments/units. However, being a passer doesn't guarantee that the Government Unit will hire you - HR, just only because you have passed the CS exam.

On the other side of the coin, it isn't really an ISSUE if you are not a PASSER because some of those people who worked on Government were STILL not an ELIGIBLE One.(including me..yours truly). But for PROMOTIONS and SALARY Increases, it is ONE of the REQUIREMENTS to meet.

There are factors too just like when you applied to any companies out there:
  • Skills
  • Grades
  • School Reputations
  • Attitude(depending on the process of interviewing)
  • Previous work
  • and many other factors(if you are politically known, duly endorsed by friends)
CS certificate is an entrance to work in government. And it is REALLY advantage than to those who have not had one.

So, I took CS exam, by the way, it was my 2nd time to take the exam, though. I failed the first test and with the second exam......OH YES!!! I PASSED, and AT first, I was being electrified by the facts on that I saw that day....and I am THANKFUL for it...well...let me continue...

Therefore, you really MUST try to take an exam on Career Service. The recommended phase/stage to take CS is when you ARE STILL schooling because MOST of the questions are in the BASIC Math, ENGLISH, FILIPINO, GENERAL INFO, Phil. LAW and CONSTITUTION and I are pretty sure you are in that stage of learning those subjects, and it is STILL FRESH. With these, there's a higher chance to succeed in the test.

Okey, at first I didn't mind CS, and I took it for granted, when I took my first ever exam on CS (2 years on any exams back then), then I failed to pass. Indeed, questions were difficult enough rather than with my course(IT)... it was tough questions...Still, you have five options to choose on your INSTINCTIVELY has chosen CORRECT answers, and it has 20% chances to get the RIGHT answer. And to be able to pass the exam you should get at LEAST 80%.... sounds high and challenging right?

I felt grave and Stressed since then(failure), I lost my confidence and also HOPE. But I continue to feel and rise again just to succeed in passing the exam(2nd take) and very thankful to those people who help me up opened my eyes from darkness and was able to wake up from a nightmare and turn negative to positive.

I planned to take a review center together with my friend but it was too late, we registered CS 1 day before the final date of registrations, and most of the prestigious exam centers were already started one month before the last date of filings. Though, I have LOT of resources on my sides(from soft copies and paper). I still WANTED to be part of the REVIEW center, simply because I can LEARN the tips and techniques and DISCIPLINE myself to study hard. And it was OPPOSITE scenario; we didn't register in review center(though we found one but was confused about the integrity of that one Review Center - so we choose to study on ourselves).

I Passed the CS Exam Professional
It was in the late December 07, 2012 that the official list of passers who took last October 21, 2012, officially posted on their website and surprisingly I opened it the next day morning, and I was shocked at the same time not able to believe what I saw(though my co-workmates and batch-mates congratulated me). Then I became happy deep inside though I didn't post it on any social media sites. And today, one week now, I made a post to Congratulate my FRIENDS, BATCH-MATES who PASSED the EXAM.

See here: http://excell.csc.gov.ph/cscweb/exam_results.html

Today I want to thank those people:

Some of my friends, really help me and thus giving me some tips and techniques. No need to spell the names of that particular person because he/she knows about it. With these, I very thankful to grab this posting opportunity to THANK THEM here... Without them, I maybe won't passed because they gave a BIG part of the EXAM.

For some tips, techniques, and resources: Post comments and requests, and maybe I will give that information.. THANK YOU, God, Family, and FRIENDS!!

By the way, I MUST be thankful for myself for being a NEGATIVE at all times... I did PLENTY of expanding TIME in GYM than to STUDY! But I do reviews some elements of words(foreign words to me)

With the blessings, I have included here some useful tips to ponder


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