09 December 2012

Anonymous Philippines Attacked Mexican Website For Bullying Pacman

It is really a great LOSS for the Filipinos when Maquez defeated a KO to Pacquaio in their Boxing Fight 4 in  last seconds of Round 6. The event was heartbreaking, Filipinos sympathized for Manny's LOSS but Social Media Websites didnt take a chance to bully Pacman' defeat and it makes Filipinos get angrier especially Anonymous and hackers. With these Anonymous Philippines - Iligan city Hacker Hitman hacked one of the Mexican websites in the purpose of rallied bullying for Pacman.

Manny Pacquiao was defeated by Juan Manuel Marquez in Round 6 with TKO. Though, as a TRUE warrior, Manny managed to smile and shake hands to Marquez and based on the Top Rank Boxing tweeter and it is really a TRUE hero.. But without a doubt, there are some news feeds in social media like Facebook of bullying PacMan, some Mexican do planking (knockdown) and posted it in social sites to bully and it made Filipinos furious ...

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The battle seems continues in social websites. In fact, Anonymous Iligan and Pinoy Vendetta - Hitman hacked one of the Mexican websites = > http://innovations.com.mx (as you can see in the screenshot).

The message goes like this:

Pinoy Vendetta & Anonymous 
Hacked by Hitman

#Op Mexico
F**k you Mexico
Never cyber Bully Manny Pacquiao Wife!
More Websites are coming.

A Filipinos support for the anti-cyber bullying for Pacman.. is it really Good? Sometimes too much of something is not really good enough...


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