08 November 2012

Blog Reached To 800K Pageviews

Its been awhile since i posted total page views blog and how many views was being reached. Seeing the total  page views really inspire me to write more posts. And with that, i would really like to use this post opportunity to thank Mainly to my visitors(Avid visitors, OR-simply-visit-one-sec- users). 
I had a total page views of 800 thousand plus. It made an inspiration to me and eagerness to write more posts(useful, personal, humor,etc. well this is my personal blog^_^).
With this achievement(in terms in page views), i would really thank my visitors who continue support, and engage and help in comments. Though, it might not useful to some and is not as effective as it were but deep in my heart, i am grateful and happy.

My Blog Got 800k Pageviews
If you are wondering what are my daily pageviews, for the few months i have an average of 2000 pageviews per day.

Also, because of this main blog, i bought my Samsung Galaxy Pocket, with my 3rd cashout from Google. Since im planning to make a blog review for android phones, i created a Android Mobile App Blog and you can visit it there.



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