01 November 2012

NTC Website Has Been Hacked: Halloween Edition

Happy halloween!!! they said..oppps and so it does in NTC Philippine government website (http://ntc.gov.ph). But it is not happy as it might be but actually bit scary.

Since when Halloween became happy? Well, according to some sources and histories, HALLOWEEN is a holiday combining vestiges of traditional harvest festival celebrations. And because of that, it MUST be celerated a HAPPY-note-claimed greetings.. HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO YOU!! :)

But it is not the case in WEBSITE especially on Government website. NTC.gov.ph has been hacked and theres a slight presentation. A presentation of welcoming Halloween! (well, i called it hacked halloween edition)

Updates: October 1, 2012: 4:20PM

  • The website now is UP.
Added: trailer of the horror film The Grudge.

NTC stands for National Telecommunications Commission. And it has a mission to:
The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) shall maintain and continuously improve a regulatory regime conducive to the development and provision of an affordable, visible, reliable and accessible telecommunications infrastructure and services.

Theres a procedure to craziness to a little bit scariness. Though, i was shocked one of the pages, but it does makes me afraid at all. (i accessed the website and printscreened images @ October 1, 2012 around 3PM)

1. When entering the website of NTC => https://ntc.gov.ph/

It will prompt a javascript alert that says..Sh4d0wFiend_h4x0r and Wizkidl33t were here..and it sure they were...(wow some script hacker kiddies huh?)
2. Take note of the URL => http://ntc.gov.ph/halloween/ After clicking OK button you will bloody backgroud and bloody firey text that says:
Hello and Welcome presented by Wizkidl33t  & Sh4d0wFiend_h4x0r
Well, i said: Hello too hackers.. :)  You can see something like this.
3. After clicking Proceed Button, heres the interesting part...Say Cheezeee...MAMA help(as baby would cried if he/she say something scary) im so so scared mommy duh.. :P

URL: http://ntc.gov.ph/halloween/intro.html

The  bloody message goes like this:
Welcome to the world of halloween, in a moment you will see a couple of scary and entertainment media, this is not about a government issues this is for halloween special..click proceed to go to the next page.
As if i have options to proceed, well im getting excited for these scary entertainment that my hair started to react and it feels im getting nervous...so click proceed they said...(clicking...) surpriseeee!!!

4. After clicking again the proceed button , it will go to http://ntc.gov.ph/halloween/scare.html and to your surprise it will show you a scary scream of an ugly white creator without nose.

Is she smiling? i think i saw it somewhere..familiar ..i think a singer? HAHAHA.In fairness, i was little bit felt mild shocked.

5. Now, proceed to continue the entertainment. Next is, it will go here http://ntc.gov.ph/halloween/scaree.html and theres no any scary faces here. It is just the bloody background. So boring.. ^_^
6. Again, you know i am tired of clicking proceed button, but since i want to witness horrible event that hacker wants to see. Well, no choice...just click and wait...

URL: http://ntc.gov.ph/halloween/scareee.html and it displays scary face. Im not fond watching movie so im not familiar with the photo displayed ....and it says... YOUR NIGHTMARE...well perhaps yes , perhaps  no, or perhaps...but whatever it takes....it was cool entertainment... i thought it was a puzzle game...once you solved one problem, you will do this and this and proceed to a certain url..anyways...but it makes my day bit BORING HAHA.

7. The last part, THE END..how sad, i really want to enjoy the show but it was limited edition of halloween special. (SADFACE)


So guys, get a paper....what are the lessons you think you need to improve about this..or not what are the problems that need to solve here?
  • The security holes and update system?
  • A Firewall?
  • More script and entertainment design from the hacker?..
Why the hackers choose the NTC gov website to attack and made fun of it? I guess they used a scanning software to scan websites that has security hole issues and plug their script and manipulate.. or they just too intelligent and skilled...but whatever it is...the administrator now learn about the flaws of their server. And now, the bored hackers will now be happy to see the halloween edition of NTC website. 0.o

Well let me greet you all... HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all!

What is 'Halloween' ?

Halloween (originally spelled Hallowe'en) is a contraction of All Hallows Even. It means the day before All Hallows Day (better known as All Saints Day), a Catholic holiday commemorating Christian saints and martyrs observed since the early Middle Ages on November 1.

• Grant certificates of Public convenience and Necessity/Provisional Authority to install, operate and maintain telecommunications, broadcast and CATV services

• Grant licenses to install, operate and maintain radio stations

• Allocate/sub-allocate and assign the use of radio frequencies

• Type-approve/type-accept all radio communications, broadcast and customer
premises equipment

• Conduct radio communtcations examination and issue radio operators certificate

• Prepare, plan and conduct studies for policy and regulatory purposes

• Monitor the operation of all telecommunications and broadcast activities

• Enforce applicable domestic and intemational laws, rules and regulations, prosecute violation thereof, and impose appropriate penalties/sanctions

• Issue licenses to operate land, maritime, aeronautical and safety devices

• Perform such other telecommunications/broadcast-related activities as may be necessary in the interest of public service

Source: https://ntc.gov.ph/about_functions_01.php

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