30 November 2012

Video File Extensions: IDX and SUB

Does anyone of you tried to notice the file extensions IDX and SUB? For those who especially love watching movies would somehow find difficulties with these two files IDX and SUB in a certain movie file folder and thus having asking oneself on hows: How it does and how it work? Or am i the only one doesnt know about these files? What do the file extensions mean?
Recently, i have been downloading some movies...though happy on those movies at some point at one movie i saw something firsts in my very naked eyes. I meant the file extensions, What the PC world meant by these files? Well, these are two namely: IDX and SUB. Im 100% didnt know about IDX but i am partly knew about SUB: yes, its a subtitle on movie videos.
Now, after examined . I do some researched about those files. 
What is .IDX?

IDX(VobSub index file) is a file extension which means Index Files. It is a file that is used by some DVD players programs to display subtitles.

IDX contains the following:
  • Subtitle texts
  • Saved video file
  • Timestamp
  • File Position
  • and some video subtitle settings
Open it to Known software such as notepad.
Gomplayer and VLC player too.

IDX files are similar to .SUB files too.

What is .SUB?
SUB file is a text file extension that contains subtitles used by DivX and other movie formats i.e. .avi, .mov, .mpeg and such. 

Take note that idx and sub files of the same filename but differ in file extensions to work it.

How to play subtitle on IDX and SUB?
In order to play with these files, it should be in a same location folder and the two must be present with the same file name.

Also, the VLC player, GOM Player and other players works pretty well with this in order to display the subtitle.

Here, i used GOM player and it does pretty neat and well.

Additionally, we were familiar with the .SRT files am i right? For information, SRT same with the SUB is a text file extensions that are used by video player programs that contains subtitles which includes the time of each subtitle to be displayed on the video and it does not contain any video data.


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