30 November 2012

Google and Twitter: Help Syrians thru Speak To Tweet

Whoever thought Google and Twitter will be working together to achieve one goal. I was surprised but bit happy on the news that Google and Twitter join together to work for the Speak2Tweet that will give Syrians to tweet by just using the voice connection.
Yesterday, Google announced in their Google+ post that they will working together with Twitter to launch a so called Speak2tweet that gives a voice connection and it is automatically tweeted once you dial the phone.

I didnt know that it has been 2 years that in Egypt their Internet Access line were cut off. Because of this, Google and Twitter worked together to achieve the problem held in Syria which is also been cut of.

And the posts, Google heard some reports on the problems with the Mobile Phones and Landlines. With these, people were lucky enough to have voice connection and it will be use in Speak2Tweet.

How Speak2Tweet works?

By leaving voice in the voicemail on the international phone numbers:

  • +90 212 339 1447 
  • +39 06 62207294 
  • +1 650 419 4196
It will automatically tweet the message. People tend to listen to the message by just simply dialing the same phone number.


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