30 November 2012

Google Sends Me Invitation That Turn P500 Into P2500

Once again, Google sent me a snail mail invitation letter to USE and PARTICIPATE of their one of the money-income-drive-traffic services - called Google Adwords and it turns out to be: TURN your PHP 500 into PHP 2500 promo. What exactly the right thing to do about this?
This is not the first time that Google sent me a mail in our home address. The last time i got the letter late and the offer was due.Thus, i cant use the Voucher Code to activate that FREE P2500 at that time.(yes if i remember last year December too). Today, better for me because the promo will end in December 31, 2012 but still i cant participate the said offer. o.0
What is Google Adwords by the way?
Google Adwords is dubbed as the Google's main advertising product and main source of revenue(well aside from Google Adsense check this out i got my 3rd cash out in Adsense). It offers a pay-per-click system and one way to create own ads and choose keywords. If you are using Google Search engine you will notice on the page that has an ads and in your search keywords too.

Google Adwords is one way to drive traffic in your website and attract more potential costumers to your product. Sounds great huh?

Reasons i would not participate of the OFFER
Now, how would Google turns 500 to 2500? Well, im in the state of mild baffled. One point here is that i don't have 500 in my CC, or should i say, i dont have a bank account that's for sure.

Secondly, i don't have YET a business that offers products. Because, Adwords really drives traffic if you have products to offer.

So, i would not really try to accept and activate the OFFER. Hmmm..Maybe in future. Because its a great opportunity too. right?

Yes you can try
If you want to try this service that can earn money too, try this and be sure you have these:

  • Adsense Account.
  • Of course, Money in your Credit Card.
  • Have products to offer to the potential costumers.
Visit here: adwords.google.com
With these, just like other entrepreneurs, exponentially increase their income. But for me, i am happy to be a publisher in Adsense and my latest cash out of it. Not yet for the Adwords. Not Yet. -.-


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