02 November 2012

Command & Conquer Now on HTML5

I'm pretty excited to know that you also played this game - Command & Conquer..are you? It was yesteryears, I just reminisced when i was once addicted to this game. In fact, i used to cut class just to play with it. Though, i have slight strategic skill still i am able to play with ease.
Command & Conquer is a classic real-time strategy(RTS) game and was first developed by the developer Westwood Studios. This game has its series too but different developer like EA.

Just in shooting game - DragonBound(also a multiplayer HTML5 game) which comes from at least mostly of GunBound.
Now, the classic game has been realized into HTML5. Thanks to the coder - Aditya Ravi Shankar. who set his skill in creating the classic game - Command and Conquer in HTML 5 from scratch(units, levels, sounds) which  has 69kb size of Javascript.

Shankar called it:

C&C - HTML5 v.05

  • This classic game is currently in private beta which supports Multiplayer [As of November 02,2012]
  • ITS FREE to Play
Some Screenshots:

Single Player mode.

Multiplayer as of now,

Check C&C - HTML5 Facebook Page for news about updates, new game screenshots and videos.

Aditya references

You can read more about 
Important Notes:

This game works only on HTML5 compatible browsers. It has been tested on Google Chrome,Internet Explorer 9, and Mozilla Firefox. The images can take a little while to load so please be patient.

Unit Selection
  • Single Unit - Click on a unit to select it
  • Drag Selection - Drag mouse to select multiple units
  • Multiple Selection - Shift + Click to add unit multiple units
  • Movement/Attacking
  • Move - Select unit(s) and click on destination to move
  • Attack - Select unit(s) and click on target building or unit to attack
  • Map panning - Move cursor near edge of map to pan and scroll around
  • Building
  • Build Construction Yard - Move MCV to where you want, and click on it to deploy
  • Expand Sidebar and click on construction options to build them. Once you finish contruction, more options become available

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