08 November 2012

Google Doodle: Bram Stoker Author of Dracula 165th Birthday

Are vampires exist on earth? Are these creatures ruled in a horrific world of humans? Some would say, YES and some say NO. It depends on those who witnessed and discovered it, and they could share some facts about it and made a history. But researchers blew their mind about this. with that, it's an endless study of the creature. An individual author wrote a novel about it.
Forget vampires creatures; let us face somehow reality today! Now, Google Doodle featured Abraham "Bram" Stoker on its 165th birthday (November 8, 1847 – April 20, 1912), a famous Irish novelist who wrote the Vampire Count Dracula.
Bram Stoker Author of Dracula Google Doodle
As you can see, the Google Doodle poster has a red(Google text) and black theme, and a vampire at the right side of the image. With the novel drama, it was seen in theaters and inspired on movies(Dracula, Twilight,etc.)

Read more here:

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  3. http://www.bramstoker.org/


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