26 November 2012

Advanced IP Scanner: Monitor Your LAN

Recently, i was bit tired reading of some annoying error messages in my PC that displayed: ARP Poisoning, Detected Duplicate IP and Slow LAN performance. Though, i am not in-charge of this work. But technically, i want to resolve all conflicts and problems.
I never designed the LAN architecture in our office. But for the initiative, i was thinking about to audit the problems, to analyze the  performance and to solve the problems. However, did i qualify for this stuff? Well, i was once a champion and competitor in CISCO and so it might added it to the qualification to solve that problem. Anyways. :)

ARP Poisoning/Spoofing
One of my problems was the ARP(Address Resolution Protocol) Poisoning  or (Man-in-the-Middle) Attack also known as ARP Spoofing which means the attacker(can be a virus) trying to send fake broadcast ARP to the LAN(Local Area Network). And that attack might deny some service resulting to slow performance on LAN. 

How did i know it was ARP poisoning?
I didnt pinpoint that it was an ARP poisoning but rather my Anti-Virus keeps on detecting ARP poisoning of a certain IP address.

The main problem here is that i didnt know where to look the said IP address(ARP poisoning) though we have only have a small network but i just really want to make sure so that it would be convenient for me and to my other officemates..

With this problem, i was about to search on how to locate IP address. The MAIN actor is here is the Advanced IP scanner!

What is Advanced IP scanner?

Advanced IP scanner is a FREE system monitoring software that can scan network and ports, allow to remotely control other PC, detects network devices and has a good GUI.

You can download it here:
Download: advanced-ip-scanner

Was it effective?
After using the software, yes it solves my problem. I can easily locate those IPs were compromised with the ARP poisoning. In addition, i found some information while using it.

  • I know now on how to access the router FTP(too bad password and username is not correct)
  • I know some PCS/Netbook that have the same IP which my AV detected it as conflict. *so i statically set the IP on those PC.
  • How did i solve about the ARP poisoning? I just said i locate the said PC right? by that, i run the AV on that machine and yes detected a malware and is responsible for the ARP poisoning.
My problems were solved. SO how was it? Well, i happily used it when i got bored and to know some officemates who shutdown their PC. Monitoring the LAN is more funnier than i thought. Furthermore, you can always use the WIRESHARK to determine some of the ports. But, i have a problem using it. 

Download: advanced-ip-scanner

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