26 October 2012

Online Earning: 3rd Cashout Google Adsense

Hurray! A great news to me, i just got my 3rd cashout from Google Adsense for a 4 months! Whooaa... But it is my sideline to earn money online. And im happy to serve and share information to my visitors. A great thanks!!!
Efforts and hardships are the formula to make it real -- to cashout money. Perhaps, if you put effort on something, i guess you will earn better within. And thats what happening with me. I put efforts to make and post a blog to share to visitors and reciprocally i earn something from them.

Money is not a primary Important in Blogging.
As great businessman Henry  Ford quote: A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. Yes, the important is the customer's satisfaction rather that earning money. Satisfaction includes great produc, and it makes the customer happy with the product. The same with blogging, if you are just putting topic to earn and it does not help other user it is useless.

Some say Business is a no FREE business and you need to put amount of money to put into a business. Well, this might be true in business model. But blogging is FREE, and earning too is potentially free if you will  just combined BLOGGING and MARKETING im sure you will get and earn.

Blogging is not an easy task to accomplish. In fact, writing a topic takes more time and sometimes you will experience the so-called writer blockout. And it is very hard for that particular time. But it is normal.

My 3rd CashOut.
Its been 4 months since i got my 2nd cashout from Google Adsense. Its a long way right? In hard times and great effort, i finally earned what i sow.  Though, i'm posted topic at my spare time or if my mood are at top good then it is better -.-.

This is my proof that i actually earned my 3rd cashout.
  • Payment date is october 24, 2012, so last 2 days since this topic posted.
  • Payment is $151(convert it to peso is equal to 6200+).
  • I got it tru Western Union

There are ways to earn money online
  • One of it is being a publisher and put ads on the advertiser. Google Adsense is a free Service that offers both publisher and advertiser great opportunity to earn and gain money.
  • Second, tru clicking ads, affliate and other online making money. Well for me i earned money by using this: How to Earn Money
I use my earning to buy new android phone, in order to add reviews on useful Android Apps Technology.
I created a blog fot that http://android-mobile-apps.blogspot.com/.

Conclusion: Just do blogging and keep on sharing cool stuffs and you will be rewarded soon. :))


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