07 October 2012

Google Features Neil Bohr's 127th Birthday

Google Doodle for this day October 07 2012, featuring 127th birthday of Neil Bohr. Its been awhile since Google put a doodle on its homepage. I remember last it was  September 27 2012 that featured its 14th Birthday -- Yes Google's 14th Birthday.
With the technology, Physics and Chemistry had impact to this world. Without this subject then it is very hard to make a device that does not deal with the calculations of Physics and Chemistry.

Google Doodle:
Google features Neil Bohr with a design of Vintage Google with Atom in the first letter O of the word Google and it has a formula E-V(h\nu = \epsilon_{2} - \epsilon_{1}\,).

It was October 7, 1885, when Neil Bohr was born -- Neils Hendrik David Bohr  -- who made contributions to the world of science particularly in understanding the Atomic Structure and Quantum Mechanics.

Neil Bohr was a Danish physicist who received Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 and Franklin Medal ( solar and engineering award presented by the Franklin Institute, of Philadelphia, PA, USA.) in 1926.

Bohr knows as for

  • Copenhagen interpretation
  • Complementarity
  • Bohr model
  • Sommerfeld–Bohr theory
  • BKS theory
  • Bohr-Einstein debates
  • Bohr magneton
Contributions to physics and chemistry
  • The Bohr model of the atom, the theory that electrons travel in discrete orbits around the atom's nucleus.
  • Identified the isotope of uranium that was responsible for slow-neutron fission – 235U.
  • Principle of complementarity: that items could be separately analyzed as having several contradictory properties.
  • The shell model of the atom, where the chemical properties of an element are determined by the electrons in the outermost orbit.
  • Correspondence principle, the basic tool of Old quantum theory.
  • Liquid Drop Model of the atomic nucleus.
Neil Bohr Atomic Model

Image Courtesy From https://the-history-of-the-atom.wikispaces.com/

  • He was one of the founding fathers of CERN in 1954.
  • Received the first ever Atoms for Peace Award in 1957.
  • In 1965, three years after Bohr's death, the Institute of Physics at the University of Copenhagen changed its name to the Niels Bohr Institute.
  • The Bohr models semicentennial was commemorated in Denmark on 21 November 1963 with a postage stamp depicting Bohr, thehydrogen atom and the formula for the difference of any two hydrogen energy levels: .
  • Bohrium (a chemical element, atomic number 107) is named in honour of Bohr.
  • Hafnium, another chemical element, whose properties were predicted by Bohr, was named by him after Hafnia, Copenhagen's Latin name.
  • Asteroid 3948 Bohr is named after him.
  • The Centennial of Bohr's birth was commemorated in Denmark on 3 October 1985 with a postage stamp depicting Bohr with his wife Margrethe.
  • In 1997 the Danish National Bank started circulating the 500-krone banknote with the portrait of Bohr smoking a pipe.[48]

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