26 October 2012

Facebook New Messages

As i click and visit my inbox i saw something different design, and it displays New Facebook Messages. And Facebook really gives new exciting design. Well, its a better design though.

Whats New with Facebook Messages?
In there update, it shows that it has 3 major changes
  • You can message anyone by typing the names you want to message.
  • Add Multiple Photos and Emoticons: Now you can add and see photos inline with the content along with Emoticons.
  • Search conversation in full history: Chat and Messages can now be find tru searching it in the textbox.

Message anyone you know
Reach friends of friends and other people in your life, and know who's seen your message.
Bring conversations to life
Add multiple photos to any message, and see them inline. You can even include a .
Easily find any message
Scroll through a conversation to see the full history of your messages and chats. Or just use search.

This is the first time ive seen that Facebook is bringing new design in Messages. Well, its better but it has bigger size of profile images in the messages. 0.o

Learn more about Facebook Messages here: https://www.facebook.com/help/?page=260810124034353

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