06 October 2012

Blogopolis 2012: Bloggers For Bloggers

Hola...Great News Nuffnangers for the great event. It is called JUST FOR YOU. An event by blogger FOR bloggers hosted by Nuffnang Philippines. The event makes a wide opportunity to bloggers community to share knowledge about the edge of technology.
Since Im a Nuffnangers(In fact, Im earning with their services [First Cashout in Nuffnang ])- and also Im  an Exclusive Member - Glitterati (see here on how to become one ), i would like to my fellow bloggers the news that will help in future.

Update: 11/03/2012
Visit the event's official website, Blogopolis.ph!

Abe Olandres,Manuel Luis "Manolo" Quezon III, Maria A. Ressa, Divine Lee, Carlo Ople and many more...

  • Blogopolis 2012: An Educational Fun event - Inspiring Talks, parties, food and drinks, prizes. Well, i like food and drinks here.. :))
  • Wear suits and dresses(I want to use Tuxedo aw )
The said event will take place in Makati Shangri-La Hotel! Wow, first class huh? Well, it SHOULD be, because it is one of the biggest events in year 2012 for bloggers.

It will be on November 18 2012 (sunday), so start planning and setting the schedule to join the event.
Thanks to the Nuffnang Team for this wonderful opportunity. I guess, for now, i am not able to join the said event..WHy? It is Far, I lived in Mindanao. Maybe some other events...I would be really happy and excited to join Fun event like Blogopolis.

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