28 October 2012

Smart Bro UnliSurf 85 For 2 Days Promo

Is unlimited Internet service with prepaid more expensive than monthly subscription? From 100 pesos, now it  is now 85 pesos valid 2 days! Does it save you money expense?
Internet is now part of our lives. Most of us really use internet to our work, to enjoy(leisure and unwind) and to communicate to our love ones(works very well if have friends and families abroad). Whether you are merely a normal person, student, and businessman, Internet spiced it up. *Smile*. But the sad part of it is... it is not FREE. We pay for the service we rendered...We pay, we expend.

But the bottomline is, at least you make it more productive for it or at least you are enjoying using internet. ^_^
Since we are paying for it, we are keen in the expense matters particularly to those who really examined the rates, of course, to save money. Here, aiming to look for a cheap service that any ISP can offer, with this offer, we can be satisfied.(really? ^_^?). Okay, Smart unveiled the 2 days unlimited service promo - UnliSURF 85. What is UnliSURF 85? Is it cool? Is it saves more money?

Smart Communications, Inc. launched 2 days unlimited internet with Unlisurf package promo - Unlisurf 85.

Smart Bro prepaid subscribers can avail UnliSURF 85 with their USB Stick Modem ( Plug-it) to enjoy 2 days of Unlimited Internet service.

How to Avail UnliSURF 85 for 2 days?

There are 2 ways via Smart Website or in your SmartBro Account.
  • Text UNLISURF<space>85 send to 2200 from your SmartBro account or avail via My Smart Account.
Note: You must have ONE PESO balance maintained in order to enjoy the service offers by UNLISURF 85

  • Smart Bro offers UnliSURF 50 for 1 day.
  • Smart Bro offers UnliSURF 200 for 5 days.

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