15 October 2012

Google Celebrates 107th Winsor McCays Little Nemo

Google Doodle  for October 15 2012 pays tribute to Winsor McCay for his 107th anniversary with an interative doodle of Little Nemo in Slumbertland.

Winsor Zenic McCay born on 1869 in Michigan and he made a comic strip Little Nemo(1905) in the pen name of Silas.

Little Nemo is a weekly comic strip series that has fictional main character appeared in 1905 - 1911. And it was first called Little Nemo in Slumberland. 

The original setup of this comic strips goes to the dream of a little boy named Nemo (nobody in latin), in which Google made it excellent interactive to viewers. The dream was to reach Slumberland and the king of it was Morpheus who wanted Nemo to be a playmate with his Princess. But on the last strip Nemo woke up usually in his bed and conforted by one of the grownups household when Nemo was crying out in his sleep.

Sources http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Nemo

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