14 October 2012

Type 'conways game of life' in Google To Simulate Game

A zero player game with no INPUT, no further graphical enhancement no customizing of attributes but with its initial state it will interact and evolve a simulation game.
Type Keywords Conways Game of Life in Google in you will get simulation zero player game in the right side of the Google's Search Homepage. Google has made some cool interactive game, results based on the keywords inputted( see like Google Doodle here)
Conway's Game of Life also known as Life (Game of Life) is a cellular simulation zero player game invented by a British Mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970.

It was in 1940 when a mathematician John von Neumann presented a problem in which Conway attempted to find the answers and got an idea from Neuman's problem to find a machine could copy itself. Thus, Game of Life is published.

The Game of Life rules are:
  1. Survivals. Every counter with two or three neighboring counters survives for the next generation.
  2. Deaths. Each counter with four or more neighbors dies (is removed) from overpopulation. Every counter with one neighbor or none dies from isolation.
  3. Births. Each empty cell adjacent to exactly three neighbors--no more, no fewer--is a birth cell. A counter is placed on it at the next move.
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