20 October 2012

Response To Rumor Exploit In DragonBound Game

Its a normal and busy day for me until at some point(got bored and need to unwind) I managed to open my account in DragonBound to see some changes and improvements of the shooting game along with putting my review url link about DragonBound to increase page views and to share information about DragonBound.

In English Room Only, I was surprised seeing a chat message on the main game with my GM friend CalmLord  requesting me to create a room and talk.
My Account Name Shown on the Youtube

I have no idea why he wanted to talk about with me, and it really serious because of the NEED word there. And yes, I created a room and it was Room 87. There, he said that there was an exploit(h4ck in DragonBound) and it is not WORKING TOOL and good thing he doesnt believed im the one who created such tool. (I really can't because im too noob to create those stuff and i really need more time to study for it.)

 He said it was on the youtube that the rumor dragonbound tool was seen.. It was here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ABUxLX4JPE its a 0.59 seconds video on how to add Gold, GP, and Cash with just one click on the DragonBound game. (and it gives you to visit and download it here http://gamezos.com/dragonbound-hack-download/)

Funny Thing of the Video

The Funny thing in that trick is that the nickname was so wrong, he inputted MadZiCLe instead MabZiCLe so is this really working trick ?^_^ Its a NO!

At the 0.50seconds on the video, it displays my character in DragonBound, yes it is me, and i know he got it from my blog post review => DragonBound: Next HTML 5 Online Multiple Player

But it was too old, this is my new updated GP, Cash, Gold, and Rank
You might be confused on my rank, yes I was rank down in 2 ranks...,this is because of the update of ranks last few weeks ago, and because of it. I seldom play DragonBound because i was bit discouraged about my rank.0.o

To summarize
  • I didn't own this kind of tool nor i created it.
  • DragonBound Exploit Tool is a Fake . Dont download it. Even if it is working don't download it, GM DN will also fix it ASAP... Remember, Cheaters Sucks..
  • His using my account info to create credibility, don't trust this website. He just wanted to gain pageviews and earn money out of it.
  • And if you happen to visit here to find an exploit or hack, well, sorry it is really not working.
  • And this is my response to inform you that i am a victim of personification. Thank you. ^_^
Meanwhile, DragonBound has 400k gamers now.. :)) so big for a small amount of time.

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