26 October 2012

AstigTXT: Free Unlimited SMS PC To Mobile

There are times that you are out of load, expired unlimited SMS, and what is more hurting is that you are too far away to the loader especially you are in an emergency. Well, its a bad luck to you. However, if you have an internet connection, there is a feeling of ease. Yes, there is a number of ways to text someone on their mobile number. In my post here you will now some free service that offers FREE SMS.
Yet another website that offers free text messaging, http://astigtxt.biz/free-sms/, as of you who have the same bad fate, it is very useful to you.

In my magtxt review, I put some feature information their so that user will surely love the service it [Magtxt] offers. Wait, but here, I will give you some review about AstigTXT.
SMS is part of our lives, we text our family, friends, and loved ones regularly, though some of us prefer using Call service, well it is good. But as for saving some money, we better use SMS instead.

Two major corporations that give service to SMS, namely.
ASTIGTXT.COM is a free service that offers free SMS messaging from your PC (requires internet connection) to any mobile subscribers which include TM, Globe, Smart, SUN, Talk N Text.

  • Not only it gives free SMS message but it also has ASTIGMUSIC TOP HITS so you can listen all top MP3 of all time.
  • Chat embedded - now you can chat online people in the chat window.
  • iPhone Design - User-Friendly
  • No registrations and it is FREE.
  • Unlimited SMS Text Messaging LOCALLY. (Philippines Only) In the future perhaps it gives an offer to some SMS messaging internationally.
  • Funny Photos - > http://astigtxt.com/category/funny-photos/
  • Funny Videos - > http://astigtxt.com/category/funny-videos/

How to send SMS AstigTXT?
If you are new and your first time to visit the website, you have little difficulty on how to send especially you are not familiar with a smartphone (well, it is just me or not? :D ).

With a simple one step, you can start sending SMS.

  • Just click and drag -> button, to unlock. Also, you will notice it displays Slide to Unlock
Is all my messages can be read?
All transmitted text contents by the visitors are PRIVATE. And I don't think the administrators spend time reading those messages...0.o

Alternative to SMS service;
  • MagTXT
  • Chikka
  • Chikkalite Facebook App
  • Yahoo Messenger
The best things in life are FREE. Yes, sure it is true. And it saves more money. With this AstigTXT, you can send FREE SMS. Enjoy Texting!

For now, the messages are a little bit delayed. Maybe admins will optimize it. And one thing: SMS BOMB!, you can USE this service to annoy someone. oops.. :)) I hope the admins will have a TIME delay to send SMS or limits the sending SMS in a minute/hour/day.


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