01 September 2012

The Next HTML5 Real MultiPlayer Game

Do you want to play shooting game in your web browser? If you are familiar and play with the Gunbound game, I'm pretty sure you will love this. ^_^ AngryBirds anyone?
Update: DB has reached 1 Million + players!!

Shoot to score with DragonBound. DragonBound is the next generation HTML5 multiplayer real game. It is a shooting type multiplayer game(physics, air resistance, lightning Thor, map location strategically) same with the AngryBirds and more likely with GunBound.
According to their game Description: Next generation HTML5 online massive multi-player game!
If you are fond of playing shooting games, well, you can try this one. And one more thing, if you don't know what html5 it is okay... in the later part of this, you will know the facts about it.

DragonBound welcome

GunBound VS DragonBound

 DragonBound is more likely the same with the famous game GunBound, the main difference is:
  • DragonBound is a web based game(you have just use a browser like Chrome, Firefox) while GunBound is a stand-alone game program(so you need to download and install)
  • DragonBound is a new game. Therefore, it has a limited mobile, items, and features. Less assure the game developers will update more items, mobiles, event and more features soon.
  • DragonBound uses the same concept of the GunBound, ut it does not use the script engine of GunBound. Thus, it is initially made the whole script.
Before you play this game, we should discuss some terms technically. What is HTML5? 

HTM5 is the 5th revision of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). HTML purposely made for structuring contents in WWW(World Wide Web.)

What are the key features of HTML5?

 What are the key features in HTML5
  • The canvas element for immediate mode 2D drawing.
  • Timed media playback
  • Offline Web Applications
  • Document editing
  • Drag-and-drop features
  • Cross-document messaging
  • Browser history management
  • MIME type and protocol handler registration
  • Microdata
  • Web Storage, a key-value pair storage framework that provides behavior similar to Cookies but with larger storage capacity and improved API.
So, perhaps the game developers vision their DragonBound to be the NEXT GENERATION in HTML5 Online game because of some features. Without using any flash, it can be achieved by merely with the 2D drawing canvas. ^_^

How to play with DragonBound

New Dashboard
  • New Power bar lines
  • Fixes Bug and server exploit
Well, you need to make a character by logging with your Facebook. DragonBound uses the authentication and registration process in Facebook Account. Therefore, you need to have or logged your Facebook account first.

When you are about to play the game

There are 3 screens:

Lobby Screen
  • Join a game, chat or shop
  • Quick Play - Join to an available game room.
  • Create - Create your own game room. 
  • Shop - Buy and use avatars (items).
  • My Info - Change Name & Photo.
  • Options -Enable/disable the  Music / Sound / Graphics /mode. Well, it depends on you.
  • Rooms Lists - Click on a "Waiting" room to join to a game. You can choose room numbers too by clicking up and down scroll
  • Buddy lists( by default, it will automatically add your Facebook friends.

Room Screen

  • When all players are "Ready" the room master can start a game.
  • Ready Button - To ready.
  • Start - For room master to start a game.
  • You can set to 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4,o r you can also play with bots. 
  • Enable Avatar on/off
  • Change Map and Wind ( 0,12,26 or 50)
  • 2 Game modes
    • Normal mode
    • Boss mode(bot mode battle)
Take note if you will enable Avatar ON, you will get 10% of GP.

To get score or GPS, you need to win over the enemies. GPs are the points/score that you will gather when you win a round game. And it will be the base of the rankings.

Ranks can be viewed here

Game Screen
You have to kill the other team to win. Shoot them with your turns.

Up/Down - Change angle.
Left/Right - Walk (on your turn).
Space - Shoot. Hold down for more power.
Dragging- Shoot. Left-click and drag.

While in Game Screen?

Here you can see the use of each menu
  • Chat message menu located at the top (you can hit Enter key to message all)
  • Mode(drag mode - the use of dragging of mouse when left-clicking/slice method - use of holding the Spacebar key)
  • Weapon(1,2,ss)
  • Status: wind change, Thor
  • Ammo(dual, teleport)
  • Turn lists
  • Esc (surrender)
  • Options
  • Force

Guilds is now up but has limited features (like you can kick members, you need to invite anyone just to be in the guild)
According to the game update:
Guilds Ranking will be here soon...
To create a guild use the Guild Tab on the right side near your friend's list.
Invite players to your guild like adding a friend - press the [Info] button in the room and then [Guild Invite]. 


28 October 2012 02:09 AM UTC

RankGPRule# Players
377876Top 11
251687Next 44
175931Next 1616

- % applied to all players with at least 6900 GP (except the first 21 players).
- The ranking is updated every hour at about XX:10.
- Refresh (F5) if you ranked up to see your
new status in the game.

  • For Aduka/Elephant/: Use 80/81 full bars(there are 4bars) fit the screen.
  • For Bigfoot: Use Weapon 2 + dual + Thor, and it will give more damage. Usually, it can 1 hit the enemy. Is it a CHEAT? No, but I would suggest making it less cost. :)
  • ALL Mobile: it is the advantage to disrupt the angle of your enemy so you must not shot the free 100% accurately, just less than the real mobile.
  • Bungee Bigfoot: Use SS in closed ranged it will budge. :)
  • Armor: Best for killing the portable machine. It has extensive damage and defense.
****I'll update some tips and tricks here****

Do you have some tips and tricks? Share with me. 
***Currently, the game developers continue to update and add features to feel more fun experience.

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