25 September 2012

Blog Reached 700,000 Total Pageviews

What will i feel if i reached this pageviews? Of course, Ill be happy despite of only getting 2000 pageviews per day. Other blogs have higher pageviews than mine but i wanna push and never give up to reach their achievement.
My blog (as of this writing) reached 700,000 pageviews. A way to high! (No, my blog created 2009 but started to post more on 2011).Though, some bloggers think it is high, but i should say, it is really a low on pageviews. Because, some of the tech blogs, i know, had really have high pageviews a day. Phew.
As of today, If you are reading it with your both two blurry/normal eyes, in contrast, i would like to close my eyes and open it slowly and say thanks for visiting my blog. I know, i have some regular visitors here. And i know also new visitors every now and then. Thank you! Without you guys, i will not be inspired on posting cool information and solution.

Lets have a minor recap with my blog posts:

In my blog, it has a blog posts of:

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