11 September 2012

Zynga's First Generation 3D Game: FarmVille 2

The new farming social network game is here. Farm Ville 2 was released in early September 2012. Farm Ville 2 is a sequel of the original Farm Ville (it was originally developed by Zynga last 2009).
What would you expect for the new Farm Ville? Before we go to the main topic, it should be noted that Farm Ville was a farming simulation game developed by Zynga( Zynga, the world's leading social game developer) in 2009 and it became famous all over the world. And as of May 2012, it became the 7th most famous Facebook game.

Game Play in Farm Ville
  • Harvesting Crops
Players will earn coin if they will harvest the crops within their farm or by simply visiting its neighbors.
  • Decorations
Decorating your farm aside from harvesting makes it more enjoyable. Decorations such as buildings,, fences, flags, items and other kinds of stuff.

What's new with the Farm Ville 2?
  • 3D perspective camera
  • Beautiful Smooth Animation
  • More complex system
  • Complex Animals 
  • Immerse Experience
  • New Social Features
  • First Generation game that Zynga's develops in 3D.
Farm Ville 2 Facebook App: Farm Ville 2 Facebook App
Farm Ville 2 Twitter: Farm Ville 2 Twitter


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