20 September 2012

Tech Blog Awards 2012 Sponsored By WishFree

Though hectic schedule from work to gym to home still I managed to give a little space to visit my gmail account despite of the fact that I have a slower internet connection too. I patiently waited for my email to be opened. Oh Yes, for how many minutes,  I could accessed my inbox now. And then, i got a message from Jessica Thompson, PR Manager of WishFree.com (Make a Wish, We Make It Free), inviting me to join for the Tech Blog Awards 2012. Here's the exciting details:
Well, it is my first time to join a Tech Blog Award ,congrats to me (clap hands), if WishFree didnt sent me an invitation i pretty sure i wouldnt create this blog post and of course you will now read it.

Wish Free: Make A Wish, We Make It Free
Wait, WishFree? Yes, wish is free. But what exactly there tagline means to me? WishFree Make A Wish, We Make It Free! Oh, I was triggered to write about this. If you don't ask i have plenty of wishes, the site says Make A Wish and we make it free...now, these are my wishes:
  • Stable Internet Connection (100MB bandwidth Up)
  • House and lot with car parking slot (Ford Ranger or HiLux thats great)
  • Beautiful, Sexy, Cheerful, Loyal, Cool Wife (Impossible! Many Many children opps)
  • Create a small business company probably a shop or a blog site(hires writers and developers)
  • Peaceful country(crime rate percent rises phew)
  • Buys cool gadgets so that i can make a reviews
Now, i would ask WishFree, can you make it happen to me? Yes! But it wouldnt happen. HAHA... Wish is still a wish, you can get it if you really work hard for it. The good thing for a wish is that you can wish whatever you want, limitless, infinite,beyond reality and part of these wishes it can create and inspiration to fulfill it. Ahem, i am working it for now opps :))

Lets be Serious now

Joining the Tech Blog Awards maybe my small stepping stone to success. A chance and once in my life to experience this kind of awards though there are many great tech bloggers out there. My primary reasons to join are to enhance  my skill, to respect other blogger, to improve ones talent and GET the AWARD price.

Wishfree will choose top 10 blogs to enter final round and it will be closed on October 10 2012. Bloggers will nominate and vote with her/his favorite blog. 

Price of the WinnersA price of $100 cash prize for the winning blog as a token of appreciation (sounds great right? Who knows, you will be a winner)

What blogs will be selected for the Nominations?
Since it is a Tech Blog Awards, therefore it relates to technology. Blogs that has gadget and product reviews, tech news and sort of.

How to Submit a blog?Since i am invited to join this award i got procedures in my inbox but for the benefit for the bloggers wanted to join the nominations Register Here.
You can Nominate me :)As part of the campaign, you can Nominate me as a support of my blog.. and THANKKKKK YOUU!!

How to nominate my blog?
  • Login in the site using your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin
  • Click  http://contest.wishfree.com/blog-contest/blogs/MabZTech-1749 my blog and nominate it.
  • Invite your friends/relatives to support my blog.
  • Note: You can only nominate once, so do think carefully before submitting your vote!
  • Thank you in advance.


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