04 September 2012

Nuffnang Cash Out Might Lower: Good News?

The Nuffnang Team announced the possibility choosing: Option 1 - lowering the cash-out threshold earning from Php 2,000 to Php 1,000 and Option 2 - cash-out earnings above Php 500 at the end of calendar year. The question here is: what is more efficient to use in these two options?

I received an email from Nuffnang that indicates a Good news to everyone. Every Nuffnangers especially the publishers. The content of the email was:

Quoted: Hey, Nuffnangers!

In our desire to serve you better, we are evaluating the possibility of lowering the cash-out threshold of your earnings from Php2,000.00 to Php1,000.00 or allowing cash-outs of all earnings above Php500.00 by the end of each calendar year. We are looking at either one of the options so that you can enjoy your earnings much earlier.

Also, we are in the final stages of selecting the right bank to partner with so we can provide a Nuffnang ATM. This new option allows us to process your cash-outs much faster.

We will send out the final details of this development before the end of October.

Have a great day, guys!

The Nuffnang Team

Nuffnang Phillipines headed by the chairman, Abe Olandres creator of Yugatech announces of the possibility to use either the options cited above. Is this a good news for everyone? Here let me give some points of view of mine, since I am a Nuffnanger and a Glitterati Type Status i would like to suggest and comment bout these stuffs.

Is it a Good News?
Well, for me, i would say it is really a good news in fact Im happy to know that that Nuffnang Team desires to change the cash out basis. And it will be before the end of October to implement what option has the best process and has the great efficient for the publishers. Though, I am earning pretty well(in my personal opinion as a new blogger) in Nuffnang(My First Cash Out Request) though sometimes it earns little amount but Im thankful enough despite of the earnings. The thing is: I blogged what I like and in return, I earn cash. Sounds good right?

My Suggestions
Though, it was my first cash out in Nuffnang, i really dont know what are the cash out basis and procedures. But later on, i was guided by the staff in Nuffnang. The thing is: I request my cash out in the mid of July and it should be at the end of the Month. Why? Because, they will start process the earnings at the end of the month. Im thankful because I learned something.

In the process of cash out, you will be given information about your bank. What if you dont have one? Then I suggested the accounting staff that I might use the Western Union for the Payment. Luckily, they granted my requested.

Cash-Out takes a maximum of 1 month to process. Is it long to wait? Also take note that, Im enjoying the 1 Month of Wait because im one of the exclusive members - a Glitterati. Because if I am just a normal nuffnangers, it will take 60 days to process the amount to be cash out.

So here is my suggestions

  • Php1,000 is better considering it will not long wait to request for the cash out. So it is good.
  • Php 500 every calendar year? So every year, I can cash out above Php 500. This might be useful too, because of the publishers(just like me) really earned lower than to those who are elites in online market. Thus, I would support this.
  • Two weeks of the process in the payment(like Google Adsense they usually gives me 2weeks to get the earnings)
  • The use of Western Union Payment Cash out, this is really and very convenient type of transaction because like me I still dont have a bank so i would rather choose this Western Union. *Luckily, I requested it to have like this and they OKs for this transaction)
Either way, the decision is still in the Nuffnang Team. I just hope someday, it will become a reality.

(sorrrryy for my english :P :P)

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