08 September 2012

Interactive Google Doodle: Star Trek

Its Google Doodle time again. This day, Google celebrates and features 46th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series with some interactive Google Doodle.
First, the main logo in the homepage of Google that has a graphic Google characters with G(color blue), O(color red), O (color yellow), G(color blue), L(color yellow), E(color red). You can click on the O(red color letter, the command center, and the red door.
When you click the red 'O', it just plays some instrumental sound and same with the red command center.
The interesting part here is the red door, because when you click it both letter O(yellow) and E(red) go out of that red door to the transport room and you can click the command center so that letter O(yellow) and E(red) transport with opacity decreasing to other planet to fight for the alien.
 But first, What is Star Trek?
  • American science fiction TV series
  • Created by Gene Roddenberry
  • Crews - Caption James T. Kirk, first officer - Spock, Chief medical officer - Dr. Leonard McCoy.
  • Produced from Desilu Productions, Paramount Television, NBC.
Its a five year expeditition mission to explore some strange world, to answer a question on where the man gone before and seek new life forms in other planets.

You can watch it here



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